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Title: trike swap for bike, (or for sale)....yorkshire
Post by: digger06 on May 09, 2016, 09:06:00 AM
up for sale or swap is my little hardtail/chop style reliant trike, its been about a few yrs now and is pretty well sorted, the engine is one of the best I have had, its on a Q and properly registered, its not a reliant plate......
(pics on for sale sect, I have bother getting them on )
the paintworks not to show standard, but its ok, its certainly not scruffy,the trike itself is very reliable, and has sensible mods to the engine etc, leccy ign, gas flow, webber carb, leccy fan, etc etc
I,m preferably after swapping for a single cyl bike, xl600/drz400/bmw650 etc etc, may consider a decent chop, (no Harleys though)
money either way,
reason for sale? lack of room (and emigrating in a few years also, a bikes better to transport)
2,500 cash either way on a px